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§ 1. Introduction


  1. The day starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 11 a.m. the following day.
  2. The minimum duration of stay is one day.
  3. The price of the apartment is for one person. Every additional person is charged 30 zl.
  4. Smoking and organizing parties in the apartments is forbidden.
  5. Tenants are required to keep quiet between 10 pm and 6 pm. The landlord is allowed to take additionally 1000 PLN as safeguard.
    In case of complaints of neighbors, nuisance and not observe the regulations , money will be NOT returned. 
  6. The landlord will appreciate the observance of the conditions which are supposed to ensure peace and safety of the tenants.


§ 2. Reservation:


  1. The reservation of an apartment can be made via the reservation system on our website by entering the following data: duration of stay, date of arrival and departure, the apartment of your choice, personal details, the number of people staying in the apartment and the estimated time of arrival. Optionally, reservation can be made by calling +48 781322069. Reservation is to be completed by:

a) filling in the reservation form which can be found on our website

b) confirmation of the reservation and number of people by Cosyinn via e-mail.


  1. The reservation which has not been paid for within 3 hours after submitting a reservation form is considered to be an initial reservation and will be cancelled after the period of 3 hours. If, for any reason, you are unable to make the payment, we request you to contact us in order to prolong the initial reservation.

§ 3. Cancelation of the reservation and reduction of number of days.


  1. Tenant has the right to cancel the reservation until the moment of arrival at the apartment. Tenant has the right to cancel the reservation without any costs if tenat informs Landlord about it at least 5 days before checking-in day. However, this right does not entail non-refundable reservations, that is: special offers and promotional campaigns which are already listed on the website
  2. Landlord is not obliged to refund the unused period of stay.


§ 4. Rental service terms


  1. The price includes tax and additional costs such as heating, electricity, water, internet and cleaning before arrival.
  2. Every tenant receives one set of bed sheets and towels. The set incudes: a sheet, a pillow, a duvet, a big towel, a small towel and a floor towel.
  3. If the stay is shorter than 7 days, 50 zl is charged for additional cleaning service and replacement of bed sheets and towels.
  4. If the stay is longer than 7 days, the apartment is cleaned once a week free of charge and it entails the replacement of bed sheets and towels.
  5. Landlord does not take responsibility in case of damage or loss of Tenant's vehicle parked in the housing estate car park.



§ 5. Tenant's responsibilities


  1. Tenant is obliged not to damage the entrusted property and to use apartment’s equipment for its intended, residential use. It is also forbidden to rent the apartment to the third people.
  2. Tenant is required to keep quiet between 10 pm and 6 pm.
  3. Tenant is obliged to respect the neighbors. In case of disturbing and / or loud behavior and breaking the commonly accepted rules of coexistence, landlord claims the right to terminate the rental agreement without notice. If such a situation occurs, landlord is not obliged to refund tenant's expenses for the unused period of stay.
  4. It is forbidden to move the household appliances of the apartment.
  5. The number of people staying in the apartment must be the same as the number of people stated during the reservation.
  6. Damage or missing equipment should be reported to Landlord at once. The damage done by Tenant must be paid for by Tenant. It is decided by Landlord how to repair the damage. Tenant is also held responsible for the damage done by people staying in the apartment with Tenant's consent.
  7. Tenant is responsible for the apartment’s keys and entrance card and, in case of losing them, tenant is obliged to cover the cost of a replacement set.
  8. It is strictly forbidden to organize parties / events on the premises and in the apartment. The breach of this rule results in a fine at 1000 zl.
  9. Landlord claims the right to enter the apartment if repair is needed or if there is a justified reason to believe that the above-mentioned regulations are breached. If Tenant is absent, it is Landlord's responsibility to contact Tenant.
  10. Smoking and lighting candles is forbidden. The breach of this rule results in a fine at 500 zl.
  11. Keeping animals in the apartment is forbidden.
  12. If Tenant breached the rules, damaged the property or behaved disorderly during his previous stay, Landlord claims the right to refuse to host Tenant again.
  13. It is forbidden to publish films and pictures which show the equipment of the apartment without Landlord's written consent. It is especially applicable to the pictures and films posted on social networking websites.


§ 6. Arrival, keys collection and payment


  1. The apartment is located in a 24-hour watched estate. The day starts at 3 pm and finishes at 11 am the following day.
  2. Check-in is possible from 3 pm to 9 pm. Check-in after 9 pm is charged 50 zl. In order to confirm late check-in, prior notice is required.
  3. If Tenant does not arrive in time for the arranged check-in, Tenant is obliged to inform Cosy Inn immediately. If Tenant fails to inform Cosy Inn, Landlord claims the right to cancel the reservation.
  4. Renting the apartment takes place after Tenant has presented a valid identification card with a photography and credit card's number and its validation date. If Tenant does not have a credit card, 500 zl deposit is required. The deposit is given back at the check-out. Credit card's details or deposit is a guarantee in case of the damage specified in § 5 point 6.
  5. The apartment must be paid for before the stay unless the payment has been made in advance via money transfer or credit card.


§ 7. Free of charge stay for children under 4


A child under 4 is allowed to stay in the apartment free of charge if he / she sleeps with an adult person or in his / her own bed which does not requrie additional bed sheets and towels. For every tenant one child is allowed to stay free of charge. If children outnumber adult tenants, they must be paid for.


§ 8. Force majeure


  1. If unexpected circumstances which cannot be solved promptly occur, Landlord claims the right to offer Tenant substitute accommodation. Landlord has also the right to cancel the rental agreement if force majeure occurs. It is also applicable if Tenant's safety and the safety of his possessions cannot be guaranteed for reasons beyond the control of Landlord.
  2. If the situations specified in § 8 point 1 occur, all payments made by Tenant will be refunded immediately. The refund can be lowered only by the amount for the services already provided.


§ 9. Complaints


  1. Tenant has the right to complain within 14 days from the occurrence of faulty service. Complaints should be sent via e-mail to
  2. Complaints will be considered within 14 working days after receiving them. Tenant will be informed about the decisions via e-mail.


§ 10. Final remarks


Landlord is bound by the Polish law and if disputes or litigations occur, they will be settled in the face of the Polish law.


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